MOV - Why I Design / by Cheryl Cheng

written by: Lucy Lau

“The idea here is to celebrate and present local designers’ work, through not in the context of a trade-show environment, which is what designers often get asked to do,” Lauren Marsden, a Vancouver-based video and performance artist who serves as Why I Design’s project lead, explains to the Straight at he Museum of Vancouver. ‘It’s more of an exhibition. It’s a chance for designers to talk about their process, to show a concept rather than showing a product they’re trying to sell.”

Two of those designers are Cheryl Cheng and Mario Sabljak of concealed studio, a Vancouver-based firm that produces architectural and Mother Nature - influenced wall panels and lighting. At Why I Design, the duo will present a series of four three-dimensional standing lights crafted using paper offcuts from a local mill. The backlit objects are constructed without glue or adhesive, and are placed atop blocks of reclaimed cedar at different angles so that the layered, multi-sided lanterns appear different depending on what direction you’re looking at them from.

“A lot of time, people don’t realize they’re actually the same shape.” Cheng shares during an interview with the Straight. “it’s nice that we’re able to use materials that normally, would be thrown out,” adds Sabljak.